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Come experience an open, positive, in-depth dance environment with a focus on discovering individuality through movement. This programme is for dancers wanting to further their skills and knowledge in contemporary.

​This class is suitable for experienced dancers who wish to explore more contemporary dance.


Wednesday 4:00-5:30pm, Fridays 4:00-5:30pm

$287 per term (+ GST)

In an encouraging space, these open classes will guide dancers to find their individuality as a mover, help explore their creative potential, build confidence and be inspired, all while having fun.

All Classes are designed for the benefit of the future careers of the dancers. 

Cheyanne is dedicated to providing a positive and inclusive learning space where dancers can feel safe and supported while being encouraged to push outside their comfort zones.


Cheyanne has designed her class to be an educational and informative space with a goal for dancers to gain a more physically advanced movement vocabulary, in which we will discover the specialities of each individual to gain ultimate movement range and potential.


Contemporary dance is forever evolving and blends so well with other styles and ways of moving. This programme is a place to embrace all dancers natural ways of moving and to explore other types of movement they may be interested in.


This is a great way to finding something unique to call your own.

Throughout this programme we will:
  • Create an Understanding of our Bodies

  • Develop and Advance Movement Skills

  • Discover Artistic Voices & Opinions

  • Discover Individuality

  • Encourage Creativity

  • Create a Community

Classes will consist of:
  • Open contemporary

  • Improvisations

  • Composition

  • Movement Researching

  • Discussions

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