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Capezio Leather Hanami Ballet Shoe


Please come into THESPA Studios to get your right sizing - We have a whole range of shoes to try to ensure correct fit!


Hanami Ballet Shoes are unlike any ballet slippers you have ever worn. This split-sole shoe is made of high quality  material that stretches and really clings to your foot for a true second skin fit. The incredible, buttery soft lining provides comfort beyond your expectations. No drawstrings erase any worry of the ballet shoe coming undone. Slip it on and glide freely across the dance floor.


Product Features:

  • Burro leather and stretch textile construction
  • Burro leather upper
  • Split-sole featuring a 4 way stretch neoprene arch
  • Leather sole and heel patches
  • Moisture absorbent lining
  • Hammered pleats for smooth floor contact
  • Elastic topline with no drawstring
  • Pre-attached criss-cross elastics


If THESPA Doesn't have the Shoes You Need....

While there are many places to find dance footwear, we recommend shoes are sourced from Studio Dancewear in New Plymouth.  Let them know you are with THESPA when you shop!


Visit them at 9 Devon Street East or online at:




Capezio Leather Hanami Ballet Shoe

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